Word is out that Target has received shipments of a Sims 3 Promo Disk.  If you have a Target in your town, then you should be able to drop by and pick up the disk for the low, low price of $1.  According to Sims BBS user The Big Sister, it comes packed with information on these items:

  • History of The Sims
  • Explains Create A Sim, Create A Home, Create A Style
  • Featured Families (all the same you’ve already heard of)
  • Career Paths (some career paths have more than one track)
  • Community Features
  • Videos (no new ones, but one about called “What Is The Sims?”
  • Wallpapers and Screen Shots that you can download (some are familiar, but put together differently and some are actually new, so sorry about that – they just have some of the same pics from the career paths section there)
  • 11 Music Samples including those from Buy Mode, CAS and the them
  • A circle pattern that is a downloadable texture for the game
  • The Sims 3 stickers
  • 5 off Coupon to buy Sims 3 in Target from Feb. 22- Apr. 15

The Big Sister was also kind enough to upload 2 of the new pictures on her Photobucket account, you can find these below:

Sources:  Sims 2 BBS and SnootySims Forums