UPDATE – I emailed MaxisCactus earlier and found out that Spore on Steam does NOT contain SecuROM. *Cheers*. Way to go, guys this is how it’s done right :D. It makes me want to repurchase Spore and Cute & Creepy. Sadly, I’d be throwing money away if I did. But I’ll keep Steam in mind for future EA games if they leave out the DRM. Hopefully TS3 will appear on Steam!

It appears that the rumors of Spore on Steam has proven to be true. EA released a handful of games today to be made available on Valve’s Steam platform with such hits as Spore, Spore Creepy & Cute,

Over the next few weeks, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space and Red Alert 3 will show up.

“EA is one of the industry’s largest publishers,” said Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. “The EA titles coming to Steam this holiday include some this year’s top PC titles.”

“We are pleased to extend our holiday titles to gamers worldwide via Steam — a revolutionary technology that is one of the game industry’s most successful digital distribution services,” said John Pleasants, President, Global Publishing & Chief Operating Officer.

So what does this mean with EA’s DRM? Are they still planning to keep SecuROM on their games? I don’t have an answer for you yet…But if I recall correctly a few of the games on Steam do infact come with SecuROM. So if I had to guess, it probably still contains the crappy.

If only EA would let Steam’s DRM handle things…Well…hopefully this means we won’t have to fool around with the EA Downloader anymore!

Source: VooDoo Extreme