SimCityJack sent me a few links for what it appears to be SimCity 5 and SimCity Creator PC which was posted on No information on these games are available at this time except for the fact that they have SimCity 5 set to be released in 2009 while SimCity Creator PC will come out in 2010.

I find it strange that SimCity Creator is already out on the Wii and it’s going to take them until 2010 to put it out on PC. Also find it strange with SimCity 5 coming very soon. Something just doesn’t seem right…I’m going to mark this as a rumor for right now until I can find out more information.

Although we desperately need a true SimCity 5 – and from Maxis this time! But if this was the case, Maxis would be sure to build up hype long before the game is released…many fans are looking forward towards a true next-gen SimCity game.