EuroGamer caught up with English Television Presenter Konnie Huq and spoke to her about a few topics, one which is in fact to help promote SimAnimals in the UK.

Konnie Huq to promote SimAnimals in the UKEurogamer: What’s your involvement with SimAnimals? How come you’re promoting it?

Konnie Huq: I do a lot of stuff with young people who like gaming, and also I’m quite animal-friendly, so I think I seemed like a good choice. It’s really cool because it’s quite different from a lot of other games. It’s great if you like nature and gardening.

It teaches you a lot about the different plants and animals you get in the woodland environment, so you can start building up a picture of how different food chains work.

The future botanists of our nation will start with SimAnimals, maybe.

Eurogamer: Our readers tend to be more into games where you shoot monsters in the face. Is there anything similar in SimAnimals? Can you run over the animals and break its legs off?

Konnie Huq: You can drop the animals in the river, and put all the plants in there and then they start dying. So if you wanted, you could create an urban wasteland. There is that possibility.

Eurogamer: Have you played the game yourself yet? What do you think of it?

Konnie Huq: I have, and it’s really good. For a lot of city kids who might never get to see greenery, it’s a nice compromise. It could get them into something they might not get into otherwise, so they don’t just stay in front of a computer. It could open their horizons.

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