Gamepyre put together a 6 page review on Spore Creepy & Cute Stuff Pack.  To sum it up, here’s what they said:

The Spore expansion pack, Spore – Creepy & Cute is worth purchasing only if Spore is your favorite game; at least the game that you spend the most time playing. If you do not play Spore on a regular basis, the Creepy and Cute expansion pack is a total waste of cash. Al least this time EA was honest about what we get with the Creepy & Cute expansion pack. All you get is written on the back of the box; you get 60 new parts, 48 new paint jobs and 24 new animations. That is it. If all you play is Spore that might just be enough, but for all occasional players that is probably not a purchase worth making.

Gamespyre gives the pack a score of 86%