ARS Technica has a must-read article on the little scheme EA has been pulling on users who download their games from them.  While technically it is no secret (news to me though, as I don’t use any digital download services), EA is charging an optional extra $7 fee for those who would want their game’s download file to be hosted longer.  The standard length the EA Store will keep your game is about 6 months and then kiss it goodbye – unless you pay an addition $7 bucks and you’ll keep the ability to download it for 2 years.

However, the blame cannot be placed directly at EA but at it’s digital distributor, Digital River.  The bad thing about this whole mess is what if you want to download the game that you bought in the future…2 years ahead in time.  Many scenarios can occur – switch to a new computer, harddrive failure…but whatever happens, after 2 years you’ll loose the original source.

Well at least now with Steam that shouldn’t be a problem.  This is one of the reasons why I’m very leery to downloading my games.  I prefer having the actual CD so I’m in full control, and if anything does happen – I don’t have anything to worry…except for misplacing the freakin’ thing! 😉