1UP.com scored an interview with The Sims 3 associate producer Grant Rodiek.  In the Q&A, Grant lists reasons why users should migrate over to TS3 as well as details (or lack of) about online features.

1UP: Name three reasons a fan of The Sims and/or The Sims 2 should buy The Sims 3.

Grant Rodiek: Just three? If I had to narrow it down, I’d say unique Sims, the neighborhood, and the creative tools. With our new personality traits and deep skill building — not to mention our incredible Create-a-Sim experience — no two Sims will be alike. If you want it that way, of course. The neighborhood’s a first for the Sims franchise in that players can go anywhere in town without a loading screen to hold you back; it makes the game seamless and far more enjoyable. Our developers have really made our creative tools far superior to any other Sims game. Create-a-Sim lets you make anyone you can imagine. Build/Buy is better and easier to use than ever. But the coolest feature is our Create-a-Style tool that lets you change the pattern or color on any piece of clothing or furniture in the game. The possibilities are literally limitless — and it’s so easy to use.

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Thanks to Sims 3 Maniacos for the tip!