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How goes it Sim fans? When we develop our games, we’re constantly trying to balance our designs between the varied groups that play The Sims. These include the builders who create incredible homes, the gamers who strive to reach the top of the career or befriend everyone, and my personal favorite – the storytellers.

We’ve written about Traits, the town, and creating unique Sims, which are just tools that feed the storyteller’s appetite (Note: Link to previous blogs here). Shall we take a brief jaunt through one of my stories so I can prove I’m not just making this up?

I almost always create a character based loosely on myself, perhaps because I can empathize with him, or maybe I just have a fascination with seeing how my life could turn out differently. Grant Duders is typically a Workaholic who Loves the Outdoors, is a Green-Thumb and Bookworm.

Why these Traits? For starters, Grant works extra hard to make ends meet while trying to make it as a professional writer. Writing is difficult though, and writer’s block a common foe, so he frequently spends his time outdoors gardening in the sun. It’s a great stress reliever!

Every writer needs a muse and Grant is no exception. The town is full of attractive singles and few locations are better for mixing and mingling than the gym. It’s the perfect plan – the Sims there are in shape, outgoing, and exactly where Grant is!

Unfortunately, the conversations don’t go so well after Grant’s charming introduction. Grant frequently talks about work (yawn), relies too heavily on the fact that he’s an aspiring writer (who isn’t?), and frequently stinks (from working out).

Being single is hard!

Luckily, Grant’s an optimist. He’s convinced Ms. Right is somewhere in town. Plus, being single has its perks! With all of the time saved by not having to date, Grant can focus his energy on landscaping and arranging his home so that when he does have the perfect girlfriend, a sweet job, and friends, he can throw an awesome party.

Suddenly, I must become a gamer so Grant Duders can make enough money to furnish the home. Then I have to become a builder to make all the parts of Duders’ home and backyard look fantastic. Once all the pieces are in place, I return right back where I started – telling my, err, his story exactly how I want it to unfold.

We want every player to love their Sims, feel an attachment to them so that they are well taken care of, and most importantly, feel the satisfaction of seeing their often goofy Sims succeed at whatever they put their hearts to. I cannot wait to read your stories in just a few short months!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. The real one.