Spore Patch #3 is right around the corner according to an email MaxisCactus sent out to Spore fansites.  Best of all, in the 3rd patch, Maxis will release 24 new parts – 12 arms and 12 legs.  She also sent out 5 new images of creature renders that were created with these legs, as well as parts from the upcoming “Creepy and Cute” Pack.  Very nice, especially the GreenGuy and LadyDragon!

Here’s the whole email:

Hey everyone,

A new Spore patch is just around the corner!

We’ve heard your requests for more parts, and we’ll be releasing 24 new exoskeleton limbs for free in this patch! This includes 12 new arms and 12 new legs to make your creations creep and crawl along.

We’ve rendered out five high res creatures that use these parts in case you’d like to post the news on your sites early:






You’ll also see some other parts here that you may not recognize – we wanted to give you an exclusive peek at some of the new content to be available in the upcoming Creepy & Cute parts pack.

Check back to http://www.spore.com/patch soon to get the patch notes and more details about the free limbs we’ll be offering!


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w00t this is gonna be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w00t


This is a bit of a let down to be honest. If they can release 12 new parts for free, why are they trying to charge 20 dollars for a parts pack? And what about bug fixes? Why no mention of any of those — which would be of far more interest to most us than extra parts. Nope, this just feels like a gimmick to try and get people to fork out 20 dollars for an overpriced parts pack. Not impressed.


I like the new pack and this patch and you should all be in the uk over here we have the pack for only £9.99 and also we are already on patch 3!


im so angry… i want the parts… but guess WHAT! I CANT HAVE THEM! I DOWNLOADED EADM AND IM NOT GETTING THEM! why? CAUSE I DONT HAVE CREATURE CREATOR! I WANT THEM ON NORMAL SPORE! no please, i want them so bad…