Another preview for The Sims 3 popped up today thanks to SimsPlanet2. It’s in Dutch, but Yanti68 from The Sims 2 BBS posted a transcript. Thanks Yanti and SimsPlanet 2!

The day had arrived finally when we could take a sneak preview of the Sims 3. We went inside the hall where Ben Bell, the producer was waiting for us to show the game.

The neighbourhood

Ben Bell showed us the new neighbourhood which is called “Sunset Valley” . This is the English name of the neighbourhood. The dutch name of the neighbourhood is not known to us.

When the game starts you get a view of the neighbourhood and you can choose any house to play with.

Once you are in the household you can set some filters like work places, friends’ places, home and community lots.

If you want to trace a member of your household and want to know where he or she is, you can do that very easily by zooming in to that particular place. You do not have to wait for the lot to load. So you can for example very easily switch from a sim who is working out in the gym to another sim who is hanging out in the park. Both the sims are part of the same household. In the neighbourhood you will find community lots like parks, gymns, libraries, museums, shops and a beach.

When we were inside Ben’s sims family household we got to know about sims’ character traits and lifetime wishes. There are 300 lifetimewishes and approximately 100 character traits to choose from. A romantic sim for example have character traits like flirty, dare devilish, excitable, hot-headed or charismatic.

Your sims have also moodlets. You have to try to keep them happy and content. You can keep them happy by fulfilling their lifetime wishes. For example, if your sims is the outdoor type then he will be happy hanging out in the park. Your sims also can earn lifetime rewards by fulfilling their lifetime wishes. The rewards are really nice. For example the player can choose steel bladder or artificial insemination as lifetime reward. If you choose the artificial insemination then your sims will most probably give birth to twins!

The career options also vary here and there from Sims 2. If your sims has a political career then he can sweet talk the boss in order to get promotions. You can also throw fund raising parties for your sims.

The buy and build mode

Just like the Sims 2, the buy and build mode is categorized and sorted according to rooms and according to type of objects. There is a new tool in the build mode which allows the player to shift a wall to another place without having to delete the wall first. You can just move the wall to any place you like.

You can now turn 360 degrees and place all objects in a slanting manner. You can also put multiple objects on a table or on top of the cupboard/ wardrobe/ cabinets.

Now you can not only custom content all the objects in your sims’ house but you can also custom content floors and walls in your sims’ house according to your personal taste. You can choose the material and adjust the colour to your liking. You can even choose the same style to decorate your whole house. The possibilities are endless. You can not however create a whole new object but you can always change the colour, pattern and the material of an existing object.


There are lots of changes in CAS system for Sims 3. Except for the height of the sims you can pretty much alter everything on your sims with the help of the slider. So for example you can give your sims thin or thick hair or no muscles to a superbly muscular body or a pale white skin to a very tanned brown skin. All these choices in the CAS are new for the sims game. You can also chooses different hair styles and different colour of hair for your sims. You can also change the shade of their hair. The eyes, the nose and the mouth can all be changed with the help of the slider.

There is also the option to choose freckles and birthmarks for your sims. You can also custom content the clothes of your sims. You can also choose the colour of make-up. The CAS possibilities in Sims 3 are so wide and varied that it is perfectly possible to create a person that you know, who has the same appearance and character as your acquaintance or friend. In the end you get to choose character traits and lifetime wish for your sim. After that you are ready to play with your sim!

The website

At the end of the preview Ben let us see the new official Sims 3 website. Every player can now create their own homepage where they can upload their Sims 3 creations for all the other simmers to download. So you can share your creations with other simmers. You can also very easily upload movies in your homepage for other simmers to enjoy. This is possible because of the special tools available in the website.

Other things about the game:

– To begin with there is only 1 neighbourhood in the base game. However in the future you can download other neighbourhoods from the official website.

– The sun will always shine in the Sunshine Valley. So that means there is no weather in the base game.

– There are no vacation destinations, no pets and no seasons in the base game. You cannot also run your own shop.

– You can use the hand only to clean up after your sims. For example you can use the hand to throw the dirty laundry in the washing machine or you can put back scattered toys in a box.

– While you are busy with your own sims the neighbourhood doesn’t stay still. Every sims around you ages. Their lives evolves along with your sim.

– You can follow your sims to school but you cannot go inside.

– There are also NPCs in the game. More NPCs will be added with the expansion packs.

– At the moment there are no cheats for Sims 3.The cheats will be available when the game is released or maybe they will be added with the expansion packs.

– They have not announced the system requirements as yet but I believe you can play sims 3 even with a very cheap Dell computer.

So these are the notable features of the Sims 3. I think the Sims 3 will keep the players pleasantly occupied for hours. Thank you EA for inviting us for the Sims 3 sneakpreview!