I’ve always hoped that one day Will Wright will write an autobiography of his life. Chances are slim that it will happen, but you never know. Until then, check out the following New York Times article on interesting tidbits from Wright’s life:

Toxic toy: I like buying funny stuff off the Internet, like uranium. I keep it in the house, on a high shelf, where we don’t go very often.

Favorite Sims memorabilia: A little construction set I designed while I was working on The Sims. I had a friend build me a prototype of where the Sims would live. It is the only one of its kind.

Moonlighting: I’m a founder of the Stupid Fun Club, which does research involving robots. One of my favorites that we designed at the club is Moonbot, which vacillates between a flat robot and a somewhat flirtatious female. It’s interesting how much that changes the way people (especially men) relate to it.

Unique gift giver: I buy these pins that were designed to help you keep track of your radiation exposure. They kept them in bomb shelters during the cold war. They make great gifts.

Worst thing about job: It’s so easy to come up with a cool idea, and it takes so long to manifest it well. I worked on Spore for about seven years. The first two years were me doing research.

Favorite place to shop: McMaster-Carr. It’s kind of like the Amazon.com of stuff. It has tools and materials. You could build a rocket ship to Mars with what you can order there.

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