Listen up, Aussies!  Spore Producer Caryl Shaw in Queensland on December 5th as she is a special guest speaker for CipherCities GameOn event!  The event is full of music, games, demos, play-offs, discussions and more!  Tickets are $21.50.  Man, if I lived near that area I’d love to check this event out!

I’m not sure what Caryl’s presentation will be about (obviously it’s going to focus on the topic of Spore/Maxis), but experiencing 2 of her past presentations it will be a blast!  I send her the best of luck.

Caryl Shaw, Producer of SPORE
With over 12 years of experience building online communities, Caryl most recently managed the websites for The Sims and Simcity before creating and launching the website for The Sims 2. Her current project is Spore, where she is the Pollinated Content Producer – designing and developing the ingame, behind-the-scenes content sharing features. Prior to working at Maxis, Caryl was on the launch team for PlanetOut and then worked at HotWired – the online arm of Wired Magazine. Working with communities that centre around content creation has shown Caryl that given the chance users will make creative choices that push the original game design into new and interesting directions. And that game developers can apply the learnings from those emergent behaviours to make better games.

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