If you’re wondering where Will has been lately, he’s been touring different countries for his latest game, Spore.  YourSpore.de managed to catch up with Mr. Wright and conducted an interview in which covers a few of the hot topics.

For example, Will discussions how expansions are going to work, not like those for the Sims, it will be different.  In terms of expansions, it will be expanded in different expansions.  The first couple of expansions will expand various things.  Creepy & Cute will expand parts, Space Expansion will expand the Space stage, and others will follow in a similar pattern.

He also touches base on tools for the website such as managing Sporecasts better (in-game as well), and even a better tagging feature.  Oh, and not to mention the various things that were cut from the game (underwater civilization due to technical problems, pollinating planets on the website, and more).

You can watch the video by clicking here.

Thanks to Space Oddity for the find!