I hate the VIP section on the official Sims 3 website.  Stupid idea to do if you asked me, especially when they don’t send emails after registering a few times (and I’ve even checked my spam folder, not there!).  Luckily my pal from InfiniteSims saves the day.

A new blogpost by Sims 3 design Ray Mazza can be read if you visit the site.  In the post, they cover a little bit of information on careers:

One of my favorite parts of the new career system is that there are some really enjoyable factors that determine your performance. For example, in the Business career, you can weasel your way to the top by schmoozing with the boss and developing your relationship outside of work. In the Medical career, keeping up on the medical journals that arrive in your mailbox will put you ahead. If you’re a politician, you’ll want to throw campaign fundraisers and solicit donations from the locals downtown.

Now this brings up a funny story: Today we had a team meeting in which Ben, the executive producer of the game, was giving a demo where he was playing a Sim in the Politics career. Unexpectedly, an opportunity popped up offering him a chance to dip into the campaign funds and illicitly skim some cash off the top for himself. Ben’s Sim gave it a shot, but was caught in the act, and the City Hall canned him. Too bad… but the local crime syndicate soon got word and within hours he’d been offered a lucrative position in the Criminal track! It was one of those unexpected moments that has always made The Sims games so entertaining!

And 2 new screens were published today:

Read the full blog over at InfiniteSims