If you love SimCity and own a mobile device capable of playing game, then head on over to EA Mobile’s website to pick up their latest game, SimCity Metropolis.  It’s only $2.99, not a bad price at all in my opinion.

Speaking of which, PocketGamer scored an interview with producer Olivier Proulx on the game:

Specifically, EA Mobile has released the first mobile-exclusive version of the famous city-planning franchise: SimCity Metropolis. It takes a lot of the good stuff from its predecessor SimCity Societies, and adds more depth, as producer Olivier Proulx tells us.

SimCity Societies was really a casual game when you think about it,” he says. “It was less about building a big city, and more about your management style and decisions, and the moral behind those decisions. With the new game, we wanted to get back to building a big city while keeping the casual gameplay that we think worked pretty well in Societies.”

The game sees your city evolve from a small town to a bustling metropolis (hence the name), and involves working through 18 scenarios, linked by an overarching storyline. You also get to play in three different districts of the city: Downtown, Industrial and Residential.

read the full interview here