EA seems to be getting slammed with bad press and lawsuits as of lately, and today a new Class Action Lawsuit has surfaced regarding the Spore Creature Creator Free Trial.  Richard Eldridge filed a claim regarding the fact that SecuROM is secretly installed with the Free Trial of the Creature Creator without the user’s premission.

While I do stand behind him in this lawsuit, I do have to point out there is a small flaw within the claim.  Both this lawsuit and the one before it states that you cannot remove SecuROM unless you do a clean wipe of your system.  That’s not neccessarily the case.  It is possible to remove all files – it’s just a pain in the ass to do and a little complicated for regular users (involves a few programs/tools as well).  I hope this fact doesn’t end up hurting the plantiffs in the longrun.

Not to mention, why in the world would you include DRM on a free trial anyways?  If DRM’s purpose would be to prevent pirates from illegally downloading your software so you can maximize profits, why is it needed for demos?  It kind of makes you wonder if the DRM it is serving another purpose that we just might not know about…

You can download the PDF of the filed paperwork for the lawsuit here.

Source:  Sporum