Well…It looks as if I have to head on out to Oklahoma for the remainder of the week.  Bad news struck home today when we found out that my grandpa had passed on.  No idea what the cause is – he was in the hospital due to treatment for ammonia, and he was recouping well.  The hospital decided to move him closer to home and let him finish recovering in a nursing home as he was checked out in good condition.  Shame.  Same place where my grandmother had passed on early this February.  The grief hasn’t hit me yet – probably won’t until I get up there and attend the funeral.

So if updates are going slow this week, you’ll know what’s up.  I’ll try to jump online from time to time up there thanks to the many folks who don’t seem to protect their wi-fi connections.  Hope you’re guys week turns out better than mine, I’ll try post back when I make it up there.