Expect a ton of news on The Sims 3 for the upcoming week as the some of the Sims team is in Europe for gamers to preview the game.  Mr. A on the UK EA forums was able to attend The Sims 3 Producer Day and brings you a ton of pictures as well as new information in his writeup.

Some of the important highlights from his article that I spot:

  • Sims can now earn rewards (Steel Bladder – Sims don’t have to use the bathroom as often, Perma-clean – your sim’s hygiene never decreases)
  • High End rewards consist of the possibility of your Sims being able to teleport anywhere around the town, ability to modify moods of other sims, and the ability to allow your sims to give birth to more kids
  • New building tool, Wall-Drag.  This tool will allow you to drag walls instead of deleting and rebuilding.  The items on the walls will also move with it, as well as fill in the floor tiles for you
  • Buy mode is incredible, you’re able to place any color you want on a texture to give objects your own taste, leaving many possibilities of different varieties
  • The Sims 3 storyline is a prequel to The Sims 1.  In the Sims 1, it’s estimated that the Goth’s were in their 30’s, and TS2 they were in there 60’s/70’s.  They will make appearances in town as their younger selves, as well as many other characters (old and new – I hope for Bob and Betty Newbie!!)
  • Hospitals are involved for the birth of newborn Sims
  • You are now able to adjust the lifespan your your Sims, so that all stages of life can either be made shorter or longer
  • Sims 3 Exchange on the website will include many new features, one of which is the online video maker

Read his full post at the UK EA forum