I’ve been holding off from posting about this for a few days – my fault.  I’ve just hadn’t had the time.  But now that I had a few minutes, I registered on Girard Gibbs LLP for more information on the SecuROM lawsuit.  If you have a few spare minutes, please do the same.

Girard Gibbs LLP is currently investigating complaints that certain Electronic Arts computer games, including Spore, Sims 2 expansion packs, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, and Command and Conquer, automatically install an undisclosed Digital Rights Management program (DRM) called SecuROM on users’ computers. DRM is a form of technology that is used to protect copyrighted material by restricting the consumer’s ability to copy or distribute it.

Some consumers complain that SecuROM, which they are unable to uninstall, disrupts the operation of their computers by interfering with other software, such as anti-virus programs.

If you have purchased Electronic Arts’ computer games, or would like to learn more about the SecuROM investigation, please fill out the form.

If you are looking for more information or would like to contribute your dealings with SecuROM, please visit the site to sign up!  After all, I don’t think it would be a good idea to see them use SecuROM on The Sims 3!

Girard Gibbs LLP – Have you purchased Electronic Arts’ computer games containing SecuROM?