Wow…just wow.  I was reading the Sporums and found the following thread of a new parts pack for Spore.  Dubbed “Spore Cute and Creepy Parts Pack“, it’s set to release only 2 months after the game shipped – November 18th for around $20.  Now keep in mind, this can always change.  It’s also still a rumor as well, but we all know that most of these end up becoming true.

The sad thing about this?  More than likely this pack will enable some of the items already in the game (cell parts, new textures).  It’s just that this time we will end up paying for it as well as some new additions.  I just hope that since it’s release is currently only 2 months after the game shipped that we won’t be seeing them milk the packs like crazy.  Are you ready for more content?  Personally I’m not…

Just take a look at the sources below where you can find out yourself.  Keep in mind that some are in cached mode as the retailers added the packs than removed them from the sites.


GameStop, Amazon, VideoETA, EBgames, GoGamer