updated – Looks like either it was a mistake or a limited time deal, but Spore is back to full price ($49) and the Galactic Edition is back to $79.99).  Thanks for the info, WyldJoker!

Could this be a sign of a possible failure coming? Spore has only been out for a full month, and today I just found out that Amazon has lowered Spore’s price to $35. Normally, PC games stay around $49 for a few months while games that suck drop pretty quickly (SimCity Societies is a perfect example). Now I’m not saying Spore sucks – it was published with some mistakes, but I seem to enjoy it when I have the chance to play. Anyways, I guess this would be a perfect oppurtunity to grab a Christmas gift for your family/friends.

Oh, and not only that but they also dropped the Galactic Edition to $64.99! Catch the links below.