Striding on-stage with a “generic Frappuccino” (i.e. a Starbucks coffee strategically covered with tissues), Wright started by talking about his inspirations. “I spent most of my childhood building models,” he said, adding that as a child, he was hugely interested in the space programme.

“We were going to have things like jet-packs, atomic-powered cars, and this optimistic view of what the future was going to become,” he said, citing further fascination with alien intelligence and, ahem, homicidal robots.

“It was really interesting for me as an adult to see this future NOT unfold,” he says. “It gave me an interest in the future, and why things are inherently unpredictable.”

Mr. Wright, I’m right their with you.  Heck…2015 is approaching fast and there are still no signs of a real hoverboard yet!  Come on scientist, get to work on it!

You can catch the breakdown of Will’s speech in London by hitting the link below.

PocketGamer – Will Wright talks Spore in London