Spore also scales up in difficulty fairly quickly, and may leave casual gamers behind. The first two sections, swimming around as a single-celled organism, followed by an evolutionary spurt where you grow some legs and run around making friends with (or eating) other animals, are easy, almost arcade-like fun. Jumping into the third stage, where your creatures form a tribe and set off down the path of civilization, the game abruptly switches to a very traditional real-time strategy mode, requiring the player to manage several tribe members, gather resources, and work with, or against, rival tribes.

This is one of the hardest game types for casual players to get their heads around, and the game’s sparse onscreen tutorials will leave anyone not familiar with the conventions of the RTS genre lost (there’s an extensive in-game manual, called the Sporepedia, but that requires actual reading).

cNet – What’s so special about Spore?