I <3 Toy’s R Us deals.  It’s how I usually do most of my game shopping.  They are holding a special sale for Geoffrey’s Birthday and includes all games that are priced $19.99 and below for various systems.  If you purchase 2 games, you can get the 3rd game for free!  Below are deals for various Sim games (and Spore Creature Creator).

NDS – The Sims 2 Castaway – $19.99

PC – Spore Creature Creator – $9.99

PC – SimCity Societies – $9.98

PC – The Sims Castaway Stories – $19.99

Well…dang.  I have all of them except the Castaway series, and I’m not interested in getting them.  At least they have a few games for other systems.  Even though I might not be interested in them, they make for excellent Christmas gifts!

I am a little nerved though that MySims isn’t on that list!  I would of picked up both the Wii and DS versions if it was!

View all of the games at Toys R Us here