Man…no matter how many times I try to sign up, I still cannot get any of the VIP emails.  Luckily InfiniteSims and Wifeee are there to save the day!  If you input the code 98246 into the VIP section of, you’ll be able to get exclusive access to JoAnna’s Town Blog. Here’s a sample:

Each occupied house is also tailored for the Sims who live in it. For example, Mrs. Crumplebottom’s home is stoic with its modern, monochromatic furniture. The Bunch house reflects practicality over style, accommodating the family’s four kids of all ages. And if you’re looking for a special home to go on a particular plot of land that boasts your favorite view, you can find an array of different houses in the in-game “library”. Browse through the collection and then plop the house you want right into the town. You’ll also be able to modify any location, from decorating the yard with flamingos to bulldozing and rebuilding from the ground up, to replacing the family, or refurnishing it with retro ‘70s-themed furniture.  One of my favorite houses is an ultra-tacky “starter home” that features a corrugated metal roof, mismatched wallpaper, a camo-covered living room set, zebra-print bedspreads, and even chain-link fence for the concrete yard.

Jesus…that old hag (Mrs. Crumplebottom) never seems to die! Stop pestering my Sims!

The Sims 3 VIP Update:  About the Town The Sims 3 VIP Update:  About the Town

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