Gamasutra sat down with EA Game’s head honcho, Frank Gibeau to ask him what Spore means to EA.  From that, a huge article was presented with the fact of Spore branching out into all sorts of various consoles and games.

When it comes to moving forward with extensions of the game and brand, Gibeau admits the obvious business motive, but says that the core of developing new iterations of Spore is “more fundamentally… ‘What would a Spore experience be like on the Wii, and why would that be cool?’ And if it passes muster on that type of brainstorming and design, then that’s when we start to move forward with it.”

When it comes to the launch of further iterations, Gibeau confirmed that as they happen, it will be in ways very specific to each target platform: “You’re just going to see the opening salvo on the 7th in terms of [initial platforms] but rest assured, they’re not going to be [simply] ports to the Wii… later on in its cycle. It’s not going to be [just] ported to the Xbox 360. We’re going to look at how to bring that idea to life on those platforms in a unique way, because that’s the only way it’s going to work.”

Speaking of the Wii, I can’t wait to see what kind of experience it will be compared to the PC version.  Same goes with the PS3 if they decide to create one for that.

Gamasutra – Spore set for Success