Spore Source: Could you tell us an estimated lenght of each stage?

Jenna Chalmers: It depends on how you play and the biggest factor is how long you spend in the editors because you can just spend hours and hours. We have seen people go into the editor and spend the rest of the day there. So it depends on how much time you spend in the editors. So I’m just at the start of “Creature”-game and this is my progress-bar. Once I get to the end I’m allowed to upgrade this creature to “Tribe” – but I don’t have to. If I for some reason – like often times in “Cell” there is like 12 parts or whatever to collect and there is one that I always have a hard time finding so sometimes I hang around in “Cell” even though this bar is flashing and there is a little arrow saying “click here, click here” I’m like “ignore you” and I go and try to find out one last part for no particular reason other than completeness. If – for some reason – I want to make sure that I find all the parts – ok, all of the parts would be too long – but if I want to spend some more time earning parts then I could do that here before because at the end of “Creature” you finalize your look for the rest of the levels for your body. You have the ability to exchange accessories for the next three levels but my number of legs and feet’s and Eyeballs and all of that, my skin type and everything is all locked from here on, when I am finished here. So when I have gotten to the end but I really want butterfly wings and I haven’t found them yet then I’m going to run around the world so I can find something with butterfly wings so I can kill it and get that into my editor so that I can put them on before I move on. I can do that; I won’t be earning anything more in the game except for unlocking things. I’m done and I can go on whenever I’m ready but I just want to fetch things off. And of cause “Space” does not have an end specifically while it has things that are goals that you can complete and then you might be satisfied and like feel that you have accomplished what you wanted to accomplish but ultimately like all the other levels you can keep exploring like forever.

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