*singing* Oh I wish I had a Mac…wish I had a Mac. Today’s SporeDay is an interesting one for Mac users.  For PC gamers…well we are left in the dust.  But hey, let the Mac users have some glory for once!  Maxis released a suite of tools calling itself the Mac OS X Gift Pack.

The tools are experiments using Spore.com feeds.  First off, you will have a Dashboard widget that shows the current set of Featured Creations, and then a Dashboard widget that lets you see any spore.com user’s latest creations.  Even better, you’ll also be able to set a screen saver that shows images from a feed!

You can pick up the Mac OS X Gift Pack on Spore’s Prototype page.  Mac users, if you could be kind enough to send me a few screenshots of the tools in action, I would appreciate it!  My email is Judhudson@knology.net if you can!