That “one more thing” mentality meant that, at a certain point, the team had to recognize that development could not continue indefinitely. “EA’s been very patient with the game,” Roarty says. “As strange as it might sound, it definitely is a game that could continue. If there wasn’t a time we needed to ship it, we could continue to make it. …It was hard to say, ‘No no no, that’s it! We gotta stop! This is good enough!”

Spore’s been in developement for a long, long time.  Yes, it has flaws – all games do.  But there is a point where you’ll have to release your game.  Flaws or no flaws, it’s got to come out.  Could Maxis have spent more time working on it?  Of course!  But would it hurt them if they decided to push it back again?  Probably…who knows.  I’m just happy that that Spore has finally been released.  Now they can continue to work on the game thru patches.

Gamasutra – Spore Producer: ‘It Was Hard To Say, ‘This Is Good Enough!’