*Sigh*…I’d figure it would take the hackers at least a week to crack Spore – giving Maxis the chance to rank in game sells for a short period of time, but it appears it has already been cracked and is now floating around on the internet.

For a game not even reaching it’s release date, this is pitiful.  Not only that, but that proves once again, how useless the piece-of-crap Sony DRM *SecuROM* is.  How are they even in business when their own anti-piracy software doesn’t work?  I’d love to be a SecuROM sales representative so I can sell companies useless software for huge amount of dough. I’m sure Sony is laughing all the way to the bank…

So let me get this straight.  I’ll be getting the game Sunday when I head to the store with my “3-limit” activation scheme in place (Thanks, SecuROM!), while the pirates are already enjoying the game and they have by-passed that limit.

Oh well…at least they cannot get access to the Sporepedia…But I’m sure they are working on it!