Shack: Obviously some people might like one stage more than another, considering they are so different in terms of gameplay. Are you worried that someone who really enjoys the Creature Creator, for instance, might not enjoy the rest of the game?

Morgan Roarty: We’ve made a couple concessions. There are a couple things we’ve done there. We’ve made cheating available–go into the readme and there’s a cheat to unlock all the levels. We’ve also made it really easy to unlock the next level. So if you’re in cell game, maybe you don’t like cell game, all you do is go in the editor once, come back out, quit out of that, and you unlock Creature game. Creature game, you go in the editor once and you unlock tribe game.

With cheats, and allowing people to unlock things really easy, hopefully if people don’t like a stage or want to focus on another stage, it’s easy for them to bounce around.. It’s one of those games that gets better as you play.

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