Over at SeedMagazine.com you can catch a video with Will Wright along with Jill Tarter from the SETI program.  They both toss various questions around based on his latest game, Spore as well as discussing topics from science to advance life in the universe.

Seedmagazine.com The Seed Salon

JILL TARTER: I’m wondering if Spore is setting the stage for the next generation. Should we become more machinelike? Should we develop ways to think and evolve that biology didn’t give us?

WILL WRIGHT: Well, I think, games and the technology they use are tools we can layer on top of what we’ve already got. The human imagination is this amazing thing. We’re able to build models of the world around us, test out hypothetical scenarios and, in some sense, simulate the world. I think this ability is probably one of the most important characteristics of humanity.

SeedMagazine – Jill Tarter & Will Wright