So before we get into the meat of gameplay, look at it like this: If you’re interested by the mysterious fog surrounding Spore Origins, just go for it. Get into the organic mix of its inchoate life and thrash out an explorative, green existence in exactly the same way as your proteolytic creation will. If the hype hasn’t grabbed you, wait until the murky water clears and look again.

Okay, on with creation. The mobile version of Spore Origins focuses on developing the most basic forms of life (quite literally a ‘cell phone’, I guess), while other versions on more sophisticated platforms will apparently evolve more complex forms of life. Presented with a primordial ooze filled with basic embryonic animals, you’re pretty much at the bottom of the food chain as you swim around looking for ways to enhance your DNA.

Why don’t I own a mobile phone yet?!  I guess I don’t have any use at the moment since the only number I would have on my phone would be a speed-dial to the nearest pizza delievery place…*dough*!

Spore Origins (mobile) earns a 9/10 and a gold award