Rather than opt for a slightly pared down version of the PC/Mac game, Foundation 9 has reworked the Spore universe into a unique standalone handheld effort for DS. Don’t worry, the creature creator is still very much present and correct.

You begin the game as a species that has been plucked by a UFO from its natural habitat and dumped into a much less forgiving environment, forcing you to fight to maintain a place in the evolutionary order.

That means that rather than design your primordial sludge from the ground up, you start as a worm-like creature that has to find new body parts so that you can then evolve. This is done by manoeuvring your creature around the 3D world using the stylus and tapping on the various collectables you find around the place.

While I think this game looks interesting (and I will purchase it after I recoop from the Spore Galactic Edition), I have a feeling it will be shunned into the corner.  There isn’t much hype for this game…which is a shame because it looks to be fun.

PocketGamer – Hands on with Spore Creatures on DS