If you are a parent who watches over the games that your kids play (good for you for being responsible, by the way!) and you are concerned on Spore, then head on over to What they Play.  They take the time to point out 11 things that all parents should know.  The list:

    1. Spore is a very unique game that can best be described as a “life simulator.”
    2. The concept behind Spore is the development of intelligent life.
    3. Spore is only available for PC and Mac.
    4. Spore does not espouse or expressly promote any specific theory of the origin of life.
    5. Spore is rated “E10+” by the ESRB.
    6. Violence is not the only answer to problems in Spore.
    7. While mating, love, and propagating the species is an important part of Spore, these themes are presented in a very lighthearted way.
    8. Spore includes the ESRB disclaimer of “Game Experience May Change During Online Play”.
    9. Spore features a friendly interface and intriguing theme that will appeal to players of many types.
    10. Outside of the core game, parents and children may enjoy simply creating items and creatures together that can inhabit the world.
    11. Spore does not have an “ending”.

Head on over there to read the full description for each list item!  I do need to point out…that some of these are false; Spore is not only available for PC and Mac, and it *does* have a true ending (but it does not stop the game).

Thanks to Spore Illustrated once again!