The Dominion Post in Morgantown (Newspaper) wrote an article on former Morgantown resident Chaim Gingold.  His parents are also featured discussing what he did as a child and how he came to love computers and gaming.  It’s a really good read if you have 5-10 minutes, so check it out.

While Gingold never doubted the game’s future success there were times during its development where they wondered if the game would get made.

“We had to wait for technology to catch up with us,” he said. “We would push the limits on our computers. We had to make stuff that didn’t push the system too hard, so it would be easy to play.”

While Gingold is no longer involved in “Spore,” he does believe there will be more of the game in the future.

“It was a big investment of money and time,” he said. “I think the introduction of the game on the DS and Wii, is a strong indication of where the game will go.”

After finishing his work on “Spore,” Gingold said he took a long vacation and is now working on some projects, as well as doing some consulting work. He also gives talks at industry-related conferences about some of the aspects he dealt with during “Spore’s” development.

“One of my main talks is on prototyping — how to use small programs to solve big problems,” he said. “Right now my main talks are on design — how to make tools to let people be creative. What makes people feel creative and what it takes to make a creator for people.”

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