So what about mobile and iPhone then? Spore Origins is due out on both platforms this week, focusing on the cell section of the main game. Wright says it was a logical choice.

“We knew we could take parts of Spore, like the creature editors and individual levels, and turn them into little mini-games,” he says. “We realised we could deconstruct Spore into smaller experiences and put them on different platforms. That was one of the attractions of the idea.”

That said, he’s much more enthusiastic about iPhone than about regular mobile handsets as a gaming platform.

“I haven’t seen too many games on mobile, with the exception of the iPhone, that really impressed me,” he says. “It’s such limited bandwidth, and the user interface usually sucks. But when you get something like iPhone, I start to see the power. With the CPU power, you can do some really cool stuff.”

PocketGamer – Spore Origins iPhone interview with Will Wright