Motion control also makes a humorous appearance in SimCity Creator. To experience the mindless fun of destroying your city, you’ll summon several distinct natural disasters by using gestures. Swing the remote like a lasso, for example, to cause tornadoes to rip through your city. Other disasters include meteor showers, earthquakes, UFO abductions and even monster attacks.

The game’s sparse implementation of motion control makes these destructive gestures particularly satisfying, and all things considered, SimCity Creator lends itself very well to the Wii remote. The SimCity series simply couldn’t be translated to consoles without the Wii, a testament to the innovation and potential of Nintendo’s console.

Infendo rates the game 3 out of 4 stars and gives great praise.  Looks like my faith in the game has restored a little bit.  I hope other reviews will follow in similar footsteps!

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