This is pure theory, but what would the roadmap be like if it turns out that Spore doesn’t have the reception that you’re hoping for?

FG: I think we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. (laughs) I’m not sure speculating on a hypothetical of “What if it doesn’t work?” is something I want to do right now. Again, we’re really focused on nailing the 7th and making it a hit. If something isn’t hitting expectations, we’ll make adjustments. We always do.

Again, we believe that we’re on track and we believe that we have something that’s a pretty powerful idea. It wouldn’t be getting the buzz and the anticipation if its core didn’t have a compelling quality and idea. The Creature Creator‘s reception has been pretty positive. We released one segment of the game back in June and we’ve got millions of uploads on our creatures and millions of downloads, and a very positive customer reception to it.

One thing that worries me most is if Spore becomes a huge flop in the end.  It will most likely be a huge success, but there is always a small chance that it could happen.  What would result in the end?  Will EA let Will continue with new original products, or wipe him from the face of the Earth (or galaxy for that matter :P)

Bah…Guess it is nothing to worry about.  But if you want to read more of the future of Spore, then check out the latest interview with the head man of the EA Games label, Frank Gibeau.

Gamasutra: EA’s Gibeau On Spore, Reinvigorating EA Games