The maxiods conducted an interview with their very own Goopy GilsCarbo on The Sims 2 Apartment Life.  The interview can be found on their forums from the official Sims 2 site.  Oh, Maxoids…you are something else 🙂  Below are a few sample questions:

Goopy:  Will there be motorcycles in the game?

Lakshmi: There are a few motorcycle enthusiasts on the team who always insist we need to get the Sims riding on motorcycles.

Shannon: But we did a couple test runs and our Sims kept falling off the bikes. We felt it was too dangerous for us to give them free rein.

Lakshmi: We have to think of their safety.

Goopy: Here’s a very popular question: what, if anything, does the Bella Goth mystery have to do with Apartment Life or Belladonna Cove?

Lakshmi: All of the people in the town feel so bad about what happened to Bella that they commissioned a statue of her.

Shannon: And when you are not playing the game, they all surround the statue and hope for her safe return.

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