I’ll be honest, Will: given that Spore is the most anticipated game of the last however-many years, the sheer simplicity of these play modes was very unexpected. But here’s the thing—and I bet you saw this coming, Mr. Genius Comedy Central Guest: mini-games are fun. Pac-Man is fun. Casual games are fun, especially when they’re set in a humorous, pretty world full of visually fascinating, often giggle-inspiring creatures. And once I understood that Spore’s gameplay mechanics were never going to rise above the very basic—and that what I’ve been expecting of Spore is not what Spore is trying to be—I had a damned good time. This isn’t a game that rewards you for your ability to beat a game, but rather one that rewards you just for playing. In fact, I’ve played about 30 hours of it in the last week alone, mostly in two-hour stretches.

An excellent 4 page review of Spore comes to you from GamesRadar.  Spore has earned a 9 out of 10 from them.

  • Gorgeous game world
  • Extremely enjoyable audio
  • Charming as all get-out

You’ll hate

  • Rudimentary gameplay
  • Lack of direction
  • Where’s the autosave?

GamesRadar – Spore review