With its cute characters and simplified controls, MySims does risk being dismissed as “The Sims but for kids” – an entirely unfair characterisation, not least since the game actually offers a profoundly different experience to The Sims. In fact, for gamers, MySims is arguably pretty appealing – unlike the open-ended, somewhat directionless play of The Sims, MySims continually keeps you challenged with new things to do and new areas to explore.

“MySims was never intended to be Sims Junior,” confirms LeTourneau. “It was a case of, hey, what if we made a game that was specifically targeted at Nintendo platforms? What would that game be? We could have very easily just made a Sims game on those platforms – we have a console version of The Sims. This was really an opportunity to step back and say, what would that game be? How do you make a game that feels like it’s at home on Nintendo platforms, that it lives there? People need to see it and think, that looks like a Nintendo-type game.”

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