Sigh…Why in the world would a company need to be threatened instead of doing the right thing and allowing everyone to create multiple accounts?  According to a post by SteMot in the EA UK Spore Forums, they sent a letter to EA’s Tech Support threatening to turn them in to Trading Standards considering the fact that the manual states is false advertisement with the ability to create multiple accounts.  Below is a quote of one of EA’s Tech Support reps:

Hello Ste,

This is Canon again. I deeply apologise for the continued difficulties with the Spore game. There was a minor issue with the entitlement, which has now been fixed. You may now retry with logging in to your ‘‘ account, you should now have the same privileges with the aforementioned account.

Regarding the screenshot you provided with the “conflicting” statement, this is not a mistaken statement as an account that already has Spore entitled to it should be able to make use of the said option. Since you now have two accounts with Spore entitlements, you may use the Logout feature as needed.

Best Regards,

Canon D.

Electronic Arts™ Customer Support

So now this guy is able to use the feature inside the game to switch users.  Crazy thing is…it was programmed in the game all along!  Why the hell would they leave such an important feature out and limit us to one account when it is proven it can be done with multiple users?!?  I guess they enjoy holding back on us :/

I suppose if you really want to escalate this situation to the next level, start sending in your emails to EA asking for your ability to create multiple accounts.  And if it fails, you now know what the threaten them with (I suppose for the US, it would be the Better Business Bureau).  Why you are at it, don’t forget to mention the 3-activation limit in your letter!