Visit Stephen Totilo over from MTV Multiplayer Blog contacted an EA spokesperson to clear up the current DRM problems with Spore. Mariam Sughayer gave us a few clarifications on the future of Spore’s DRM and also stated that “EA has no intentions — nor will they ever — to make it easier for people to play a pirated game… than to play an authentic retail copy.”

Many complaints were brought up, this is what Sughayer had to say on them:

  • Complaint: A legitimately bought copy of “Spore” can’t be activated on more than three different computers — ever. This will be changed in a future patch, as they would like to implement a system simular to iTunes.  With iTunes, you are given the chance to “De-authorize” iTunes from PC’s you don’t want them on.  Spore is not setup to de-activate, but will be in the near future.
  • Complaint: Consumers fear there is spyware being installed by the SecuROM copy-protection software incorporated into the game. “There’s no viruses, no spyware and no malware…We would never put any spyware on anyone’s computers. That’s not going to happen.”
  • Complaint: The “Spore” instruction manual claims that a purchaser of “Spore” can allow multiple users to create online accounts with a single copy of the game. The game does not allow this. Unforunately EA has yet to comment on this fact, as many people who have families would like to setup multiple accounts for their kids/siblings.
  • Complaint: The requirement for a “Spore” user to have their ownership of the game automatically authenticated every time they access the game’s online features threatens to render the game useless if EA someday turns the “Spore” servers off. If they were to ever turn off the servers, they will issue a patch to void the DRM.