“With Spore and most of our games moving forward, we’re making sure that players have a vast array of methods for sharing what they create in the game,” says Wright. “In Spore, what you create goes right to our database and gets redistributed to our players. Other players can leave comments about your creations, which you can go back and read. Players can also make little videos in the Creature Creator and upload them straight to YouTube.

Also, in the game you can turn on the video recorder at any point and use the game as a movie-making machinima tool. We also have this comic book creator we’re doing with a company called Planet Wide, which allows you to take the assets you’ve created in Spore—planets and creatures and such—and compose them into comic books and share and e-mail these to your friends.”

Before the game shipped, Spore was known to be one huge “story-telling” tool.  But after spending some time on various message boards, I come across more complaints than actual stories.  Was the game cut out to create stories to begin with?  It just doesn’t seem that “opened up” to create a story unlike The Sims can.

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