Mac users, don’t feel left, Spore was released for you guys as well!  This is how games should be made instead of the Mac users waiting months.  I hope they keep the Mac development simultaneous with the PC version on future games.  The official Apple website created a Spore page for the Mac users which you can find here.

SPORE includes not only the Creature Creator, which was released before the main game, but also Cell, Building, and Vehicle Creators. In addition to designing unique cells and creatures, you can build and paint city halls, houses, factories, entertainment centers, land, sea, and air vehicles, and starships. You can even create a national anthem that plays during the Civilization stage. Through the SPOREpedia, you can subscribe to your friends’ content as well as create and subscribe to SPOREcasts, which filter out content based on specific criteria, such as all ships inspired by certain science-fiction movies.

Apple – Let there be Spore!