The top 10 finalists for the Spore Creature Creator Dance Off competition were selected earlier today and it is up to you to vote for the best one!  It was a huge success with over 2,400 entries marking it as the biggest contest YouTube has ever had!

You can still vote on them for the next 2 weeks, so head on over to the Spore Creature Creator Dance Off competition and join the fun!

To watch all of the videos that are available, click the “Read the rest of the Entry”.

Thanks to MaxisCactus for being kind enough to compile the list and send it over!

1. Spore Creature Creator Ultimate Dance Off contest entry
From: vapor1ze

2. Spore Ultimate Dance Contest – Phoenix
From: Chibity

3. Spore – Can’t Touch This
From: moviedragon5000

4. Olde Prospectbear Dance
From: MattGeerVids

5. Spore Dancing Contest Entry by Konner
From: Konnerkaras

6. spore video contest
From: aceto1234

7. Sporedance – My contest entry 😀
From: sirugh

8. My Spore critter, Barbershop, dancing and singing to “Sh-Boom” by The Crew Cuts
From: ZanderTirade

9. Spore Dance Contest entry Funkapus
From: EthanHoyt3

10. The Most Metal Creature Evar
From: Plankhead

With two honorable mentions: