GamesRadar loves to create lists on all sorts of crazy things.  This time, they compiled together a new list with the Top 7 games that affect Real Life.  You know the one game that has to be on there…Sims.  It clocks in at #6.

The Sims forces you to apply cold gaming logic to your jam-packed, far-too-busy life. This can manifest itself in a couple ways, the most obvious of which is the hallucinated grid you place on your own home. God help you if you move into new digs and have to arrange furniture – you’ll be positioning and repositioning couches, desks, beds, mirrors, anything that isn’t nailed down until sun comes up. It has to perfectly comply with arbitrary feng shui that dictated your Sim’s virtual home.

I have to be honest, The Sims does help with the interior decoration and housework in general.  In fact, I’m working on remodeling all of the rooms in my house.  Already finished the computer room with fresh paint and carpet.  The hallway was just finished today with the same along with a brand new bookcase.  My room will be next (going from a yucky blue to a more pleasant brownish-tan).  The Sims has helped a ton with the planning of the remodeling.  I know it’s sad…but hey, I’ll take as much help as possible!

GamesRadar – Top 7 games that affect Real Life