The Sims 2 Brazil was one of many sites that was lucky enough to visit Maxis to check out a sneak peek on The Sims 3.  They have published their preview and you can find it by clicking on this link.

Since many of our readers cannot read the Brazilian language, Marcos from Sims 3 Maniacos was kind enough to translate the article.

Hello Guys!

It’s MM, i’m writing to tell you what’s coming on, when we’re talking about The Sims 3. This article is the first of two parts, the second one’s coming on Tuesday, 12th august.

The Sims 3, uhmm, I don’t need to say that it’s the prettiest version ever, do I? ha ha. We’ve been with the developer team: Rod Humble, Lindsay Pearson, Ray Mazza, Joanna Lio, and Ben Bell all day long, and they could show us the very first version of Sims 3. Then you ask: Where are the movies?

The Electronic Arts didn’t allow us to film the content, by the way a lot of things are going to change while the game’s being produced on next months, but when some new version will be getting ready, we come back to California and then catch all those things for you, ok?

First Impressions

The first interesting thing to talk about in The Sims 3 is that it’ll come with cars already! We won’t need to wait an expansion pack to drive down the street… And by the way, your Sim can be “fine” then going to every place by Taxi. Now you can see your Sim sat on the passenger bench of the vehicle, while awesome characters act as drivers, like ducks, NPCs, etc.

The Water has a transparence and totally beautiful reflection, and when your sims take a shower, the blur will be still there, so you won’t see any naked Sim. And a cool thing is that the hot water has a fog now.. !

The Game Time is customizable, it means that you can ask your sims to do something, then u turn the clock to another time, then you’ll see the action already done!


When a Sim goes to a body academy, you’ll see softly the muscles being more perceptible. By the way, if your Sim keeps eating all the time, surely he will get fat. The body lines in this new game are fantastic, thin or fat, Sims now have a more definite size.

More and more surprises will be included in this game, but the producers prefer to keep it secretly for now…!

The Time

You can see the day happening really. While the shadows walk slowly at evening, you can watch the sky changing its colors, from the blue, passing through the red, wine and then to the navy blue. The wind makes our plants shake over the neighborhood, and that’s amazing!

Some Features

Your Sims will have a mobile phone/ Pager that comes with the character icon. It’s called Opportunities (goals): Tasks, Friend Callings and scraps will be shown in this pager. Clicking over the character icon, a relationship net will appear on the screen, then you’ll be able to manage you contacts better.


  • The Main Feature is PALLETE.
  • Customized eyes, textured hairs, reflections, three tones…
  • Five basic skin tone scales that can still be customized inside its initial tone and one more green scale, what make us thinking it’s going to have Aliens again.
  • There are 6 life stages now, from a toddler, children, teenager, young adult (between 18 – 30 years old), adult, and elder.

What we can tell

  • Diagonal walls now can place all sort of objects.
  • The Environment doesn’t alter the lifetime of your sims.
  • Most of the Sims 2 cheats codes will be in Sims 3 too.
  • Objects don’t need to be in the grid, now.
  • There’s a big possibility to find some SuperStar object in Sims 3.
  • We don’t know if the game’s going to be released for PC and Mac at the same time.
  • The Main Goal on this game is to socialize.
  • We got beach, and we can walk on the sand. But we can’t swim in the beach, only in the swim pool.
  • The Motives (Needs) won’t be obligatory anymore.
  • We can’t take our sims 2 families to Sims 3.
  • The Sims 3 and Spore won’t have any connection.

What the producers didn’t talk about

  • Pets.
  • Future expansion packs or anything else.
  • Coloring shoes.
  • Modeling tools to the neighborhood.
  • Color palette to the objects.
  • Business lots, as the expansion pack Open For Business.
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