If you missed the first Apartment Life chat, then there is still time for you to make plans on the second one!  The next chat will be start at 4:00-4:45pm PDT and you can head on over to the Sims 2 Chat page and bookmark it!

For those that want to read what was discussed in the chat, then you can check out the Transcript over at the official site.  I think this is record breaking, as they usually take forever posting the transcripts…  Below are a few questions, visit the link to read the whole thing!

Breezy9592:  are there any new deaths?

MaxoidShannon:  Yes there is a new death…. be very careful opening the Murphy Bed. ;-P

aimeexlauren:  will elevators be made avaliable or will we have to get open for buissness?

MaxoidLakshmi:  There is a new elevator in Apartment Life.

Joey132465:  Can you have a Vampire/Zombie/Plantsim/Werewolf/Witch?

MaxoidBim:  Yes. For example you can have a Vampire Witch.

Sergavon:  Can you brush your teeth in AL?

MaxoidShannon:  Yes. We have added a couple of Medicine Cabinets that your Sims will be able to grab a toothbrush from and brush their teeth.

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